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Famous Vegans  
Martina Navratilova:
Plant-Based Diet is The Best
The great tennis champion
attributes her vegan diet to her
longevity in the sport, without
supplements.  3 minute video.
Bill Clinton
Becomes a Vegan
ABC News Story
3 Minute Video
Bill Clinton
Loses 24 lbs on Vegan Diet
CNN News
Wolf Blitzer Inteviews the
Former President 3 minutes
Alicia Silverstone
Not 'Clueless'
About Vegan Health
Part One  4 Minutes
Part Two  4 Minutes
The Kind Diet
By: Alicia Silverstone
Melissa Mansfield Interviews
The Vegan Author
4 Minutes
Ellen DeGeneres
Why She Became a Vegan
Interview with Katie Couric
4 Minutes 30 Seconds
Quantum Wellness
By Kathy Freston
Ellen DeGeneres Interviews
The Vegan Author
9 Minutes 30 Seconds
By Kathy Freston
Charlie Rose Interviews
The Vegan Author
11 Minutes 30 Seconds
Why The Vegan Diet
By Russell Simmons
Founder of Def Jam Records
Kyra Phillips CNN Interview
3 Minutes 50 Seconds
Why I Went Vegetarian
By John Robbins
Son of Baskin Robbins Founder
The Food Revolution
2 Minutes 10 Seconds