Were Early Humans
By Sally Grande and Stephen Leckie
Some scientists are claiming
that humans are omnivores based on
observations of Chimps hunting and
eating meat.  This has more to do with
competing for the local fruit trees than
hunting for nutrition.  The Authors say:
“While chimpanzees are known to kill,
this behavior is not necessarily
dietary but ritualistic and their diet is
at least 94% Plants & Fruits.”  
Man's Dietetic Character
By Herbert M. Shelton
Shelton is the expert when
it comes to the Human Anatomy, his
incredible knowledge on this subject
is far reaching and his conclusions  
regarding the Laws of Nature and
Man’s dietary requirements seem
incontrovertible.  All of his books and
articles are a joy to read and an
incredible learning experience that
could help prolong your life.  
“Man’s digestive tract is the same
as is found in the Frugivores.  
Man does not fall properly
into the class carnivora.”
Early Human Diet
Teeth Show
Fruit Was The Staple
By Boyce Rensberger, New York Times
Breakthrough discovery showing
prehistoric humans lived  
exclusively on a Fruit Diet.  
“An anthropologist studying fossil teeth
has led to the startling conclusion that
our early human ancestors subsisted
chiefly on a diet of Fruit.”  
Anthropology Of The Human Diet
By Mark Blackburn, MBA
Extremely well written Mr. Blackburn
gets it, he understands the obvious and
logical dietary history of humans.  
“The most recent and widely held view of
the historical diet of humans is that early
man was exclusively a Fruit eater.  
Anthropologist Dr. Alan Walker’s
research team has proven that our
ancestors until quite recently were total
Fruitarians.  Even though humans have
adopted omnivorous eating practices,
our anatomy and physiology have not
changed—we remain biologically a
species of Fruiteaters.”
Human Development
On A Fruit & Veggie Diet
By (RawFoodExplained.com)  
Frugivores developed larger brains than
Carnivores our teeth clearly demonstrate
that we are biological fruit eaters.  
"All the evidence points to fruits
as being the food of our adaptation.
Anthropologists have established that  
human culture and social organization  
arose from a background in nature as
a Fruit-feeding animal."  
Man The Hunted: Primates  
Predators & Human Evolution  
By: Robert W. Sussman, Ph.D
Book Review by Neil Schoenherr
Dr. Sussman makes the case that since our
teeth and anatomy are not designed to
consume flesh we did not hunt animals for
food, in fact he claims that humans were
the prey and not the predator.
"Our intelligence, cooperation and
many other features we have as modern
humans developed from our attempts
to out-smart the predator,"
says Sussman.  
Are Humans
Natural Frugivores?
By Vasu Murti
Good article with plenty of quotes by
experts to show that humans are designed
by nature to subsist on a Frugivorous diet.  
"Humans are classified as primates and
are thus Frugivores.  Examination of the
dental structure of modern man reveals
that he possesses all the features of a
strictly herbivorous animal.  While
designed to subsist on vegetarian foods
he has perverted his dietary habits to
accept food of the carnivore."  
Fruitarianism & Vegetarianism
By Herbert M. Shelton
Excerpted From:
The Hygienic System, Vol. II  
Classifying The Human Anatomy  
Review:  Excellent in-depth historic
analysis of the Human diet throughout
the centuries.  Shelton briefly
compares the Anatomy of Carnivores
& Frugivores and concludes that
Humans are: Unequivocally  
Anatomical Frugivores.
Great Article.
21 Articles
Early Human Diet
Are Humans
Natural Carnivores?
By Harry Mather
Nice comparison of the human anatomy
to carnivorous animals.  
"Carnivores kill their prey and usually
eat it whilst still warm.  Human hunters
carry their prey home and cook it with
tasty herbs before they will eat it.  
Our front teeth are well adapted for
biting fruit and cutting up vegetables.  
Plant foods show themselves to be well
adapted for providing the wide
range of minerals and vitamins
that our bodies require."
Relating Chimpanzee Diets
To Early Human Diets  
By Nancy Lou Conklin-Brittain, Richard
W. Wrangham, Catherine C. Smith
Harvard Researchers working in Uganda
discovered that chimps ate less than 1
percent of meat in their diet.  
“Although a need for protein or fat
is often assumed to explain
increasing amounts of hunting          
throughout hominid evolution,
primates do not have metabolic demands
for high levels of protein or fat.
Chimpanzees were much more
Frugivorous. They maintained a fairly
low protein intake, due to their
focus on Fruit.”
The Comparative
Anatomy of Eating
By Milton R. Mills, M.D.
Great Article, one of the Best studies
ever done comparing the human
anatomy with that of carnivores,
herbivores and omnivores.  
Dr. Mills concludes that humans are
anatomical frugivores.  
"While most humans are clearly
"behavioral" omnivores, the question
still remains as to
whether humans are anatomically  
suited for a diet that includes animal
as well as plant foods."
Natural Human Diet
According To Biological
& Evolutionary Evidence
By Jonathan Reed
Excellent Comprehensive Article.
“Human teeth are not designed for
tearing flesh as in the Lion, Wolf or Dog,
but rather compare closely with other
fruit-eating animals.  Human teeth
correspond almost identically to the
Chimpanzees and other Frugivores.  
In conclusion, our natural diet should
consist primarily of Fruits, Nuts, and
Green Vegetables.”
Human Teeth
Wolf Teeth
Lion Teeth
Chimp Hunting
& Flesh-Eating
By Laurie Forti
Great analysis of the Chimp diet, the
author shows us that Chimps actually
eat very little meat in the wild and not
everyone in the family partakes of the
meat.  More like a trophy for defeating
a local group of monkeys competing
for the same fruit, rather than hunting
for nutritional purposes.
"When we examine the way flesh is
captured, killed, distributed, and eaten,
      it becomes readily apparent that       
 Chimp flesh-eating is merely a social    
   pathology, just as it is in the human."
Chimp Teeth
Laurie Forti: Reviews:
Food For Thought:
Dietary Change Was A
Driving Force In Human Evolution
By William R. Leonard, Professor of
Anthropology at Northwestern Univ.
Another Great Article By
Laurie Forti taking on Anthropologists
who are misrepresenting the facts
when it comes to early human diet.
"I am always amused by such pseudo
scientific claims regarding the great
wonders conferred to our species by
flesh-eating, when the proponents of
such claims can not explain just why
the human did not evolve the sharp,
pointy tools seen among all natural  
flesh-eaters, and especially why we did
not evolve instincts to capture, kill,
and eat flesh raw."  
Tasty Tidbits &
Dastardly Dietary Dogma
By Laurie Forti  
Once again Laurie Forti with great wit
and intelligence challenges
“scientists” who claim that humans are
Omnivores.  Very logical, well-written.
"One of the most ridiculous and
persistent false claims made by
armchair nutritionists, meatarian
propagandists, and even academics,
is that the human species is an
"omnivore" that is, it should eat both
plant and animal matter.  Just looking
at our bodies will conclusively prove
that we do not have the claws or talons
necessary to catch and hold animal
prey, and we do not have the sharp,
shearing teeth necessary to tear,
not chew, animal flesh."
Humans are Omnivores
By John McArdle, Ph.D
Laurie Forti
Reviews This Article.  
One last comment on this subject
from Laurie Forti.  Another excellent
review of a scientific paper carelessly
distorting the facts regarding nutrition
and the human anatomy.
"Humans are totally incapable of
killing, tearing asunder, and consuming
raw their prey with their natural,
biological equipment, as all natural
omnivores do. I have challenged people
who adamantly claim that they are
"omnivores" for over 35 years to prove
they are natural "omnivores" by simply
killing and eating raw a small animal
with their natural equipment, and
none has ever done so to actually
test their irrational belief. Not one."  
Comparative Anatomy
& Taxonomy
By John Coleman
Short Article substantiating that Humans
are anatomical Frugivores.
Humans prefer culture and technology
over nature, and since our natural role is
as a raw food herbivore, and because
our bodies are only suited to that role,
any significant perversion of it must, and
does, lead to ill health.  Our anatomy is
clearly unsuited to deal with animal
matter in the diet, however our digestive
chemistry can deal with animal tissues
and obtain some nutrition.  
But this does not indicate biological
suitability or desirability."  
The Heretic's Feast -
A History of Vegetarianism
By Colin Spencer
Brief history of the human diet going
back several million years.  
Very well researched.
"Some anthropologists suggest that
our brain development did not begin
until red meat entered our diet.  If there
was a correlation between the
consumption of red meat and the
enlargement of brain cells, big cats
would have the largest brains and be
the dominant species in the world
today.  Research already shows us that
a herbivore diet is by far the healthiest
and it may well be that a raw Vegetable
and Fruit diet, chosen from produce in
season, is the optimum healthy diet,
as it is so similar to the
diet of our evolution."
Meat In The Human Diet
By Dr. John A. McDougall, M.D.
Great Article, written by a medical
doctor who understands the
connection between diet & disease.  
"The early ancestors of modern
humans, from at least 4 million
years ago, followed diets almost
exclusively of plant-foods.  The
ancestors of modern humans were
believed to live primarily on plant
foods, eating wild Fruits, leaves,
roots, and other high quality plant
parts with a few animal foods in their
daily diet.  These pre-humans ate like
our nearest primate relatives, the
apes of today.  Our dentition evolved
for processing starches, Fruits,
and Vegetables, not tearing
and masticating Flesh."   
Proteins In The Fruitarian Diet
By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
Another informative well written
article from the human anatomy
expert, Herbert Shelton.
"Physically, humans developed on
Fruits just as our primate relatives
in nature.  In consequence
anthropologists and biologists
have classified humans as
Frugivores or Fruit Eaters.  Our
Meat-eating past as civilized peoples
has been limited to recent times and
has usually been confined to those
peoples living in the far North.  Much
of our history indicates that our
ancestors were Fruitarians.  But,
history books today omit or falsify
our past and our Fruit-eating nature.  
The Paradise Diet
By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton  
Since Humans emerged from
equatorial Africa, Shelton suggests that
a Paradise Diet would have to come
from living in a warm climate where an
abundance of Fruit is available all year.  
“According to an ancient tradition, when
man first appeared he lived in a beautiful
orchard in which grew Fruits of many
kinds.  Man's diet throughout the historic
period in all favorable regions of the
earth has been predominantly Fruitarian.  
The food of primeval man consisted of
Fruit and Nuts of subtropical climes,
spontaneously produced; that on these
foods man was and may again become,
at least as free from disease as the
animals are in a state of nature."